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On Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th August, we will be joining our friends at Farmer & Carlisle for their ‘Big Motability Event’.
It will be held both at their Leicester and Loughborough premises.

You’ll be able to see the whole range of Toyota cars, learn all about Motability and how it works, and see some of Modern Mobility’s range of equipment.

We’ll be showing some lovely portable ‘boot scooters’, an all-terrain mega scooter, portable wheelchairs and portable walking aids.
We will also have an amazing Quickie Helium and Xenon – if you’ve never seen Quickie Wheelchairs before, prepare to be impressed!

Please feel free to join us all, the people are lovely, the products are lovely…..and the coffee’s fab.555x249_Verso Active_tcm-3060-435874 (2) 555x249_Yaris Icon_tcm-3060-350298 (2) AurisIcon555x249_tcm-3060-436075 (2) motab event banner (2)