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Non Modern Mobility customers: At Modern Mobility, we are fiercely anti-cowboy, nor do we particularly admire the ethics of the current trend in ‘chain store’ retailing. Such questionable sales tactics are already bad enough when inflicted on the public in general. Where the more vulnerable disabled and elderly are concerned, we find it simply reprehensible. Countless people come to us for rescue after having bought something at a price which seemed too good to be true, or spent their money with a business which has suddenly disappeared. We have every sympathy if this has happened to you, but be assured this most certainly will not preclude you from our service. We are here and available to help you, no matter from where or from whom you bought! You can come and take out one of our extended warranties whether your product is almost new or several years old. You will then be secure in the knowledge that whatever happens, you have Modern Mobility to take care of you from that moment on. Exactly the same applies for our insurance policies.