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Written and created by award-winning American television writer and producer Frank Spotnitz (X-Files), Nemesis is an original eight-part suspense thriller set in the world of international espionage, produced by Britain’s own Kudos (Spooks, Life On Mars, Law & Order UK), in association with Big Light Productions, for BBC1 and HBO. At the heart of the drama is Sam played by Melissa George (Grey’s Anatomy, Alias), a highly skilled operative for an elite private intelligence firm. We were asked to prescribe and supply the sleekest most stylish manual wheelchair possible, as befits the character of Andrew – a slick young wheelchair bound architect who is in a relationship with one of the main characters. We chose the gorgeous Quickie Helium in gleaming white with graphite trim. S.J.Clarkson (Hustle, Dexter, House) is directing the series which will air on BBC1 towards the end of the year. I did of course put all of us forward for any possible bit-parts, without charge even, but strangely they didn’t take me up on that one!