Modern Mobility celebrated their 20th anniversary in August 2017, including over 14 years at Fosse Park shopping centre.

Situated in the corner by Primark side entrance, our shop offers unrestricted parking space for visitors wishing to look into the huge range of mobility aids we offer, or even simply to hire a wheelchair or electric scooter for use on their Fosse Park shopping expedition.

Despite our contemporary name, we are extremely proud to be so well known for our old fashioned family business style, honest and straightforward with no gimmicks. We care a great deal about our customers and their disabilities and requirements, it’s precisely the reason for our flawless reputation.

We will always, without fail, advise you on what is right for you – not us.
Take a look at our service page to get an idea of why so many people also choose Modern Mobility
to take care of their ongoing and longer term necessities.

Our Family

To read information about our individual family members, please click on their photographs below.

Julie Potter


Name: Julie Potter.

Position: Proprietor .

Length of service: From August 1997 .

Interests: Reading, news & current affairs, history, cookery, music and photography.

General: Julie founded Modern Mobility in 1997, initially in Burbage, followed by large premises in Sapcote before moving the business to Fosse Park in April 2003. She now takes sole charge of our business strategy, finances and marketing.
Julie is passionately involved in several lobbying groups, from disabled rights and health issues to occasionally even lobbying parliament with the Federation of Small Businesses. She also manages to make some time for mentoring young people in business. Whatever time is left is usually spent catching up on news and current affairs and spending time with friends, family, and the dog! .

Simon Hunter

Service Manager

Name: Simon Hunter.

Position: Service Manager .

Length of service: from September 2009 .

Interests: Cycling, movies, motorbikes, cars, going to the gym, learning to cook! .

General: Simon is our primary Service Engineer and he is quite the perfectionist in his work. Prior to joining us, he serviced and repaired motorbikes for many years in his home city of York.
Lucky for us, we managed to coax him down to join us in Leicestershire where he has very successfully made a new home and life for himself.
Simon has completed a great many technical training courses with several of our manufacturers and has developed a wealth of knowledge about all of our products and services. He is known for his great sense of humour and conversation and all of our customers love him .

Nicola Hinton

Sales & admin associate

Name: Nicola Hinton

Position: Sales & admin associate.

Length of service: from June 2015 .

Interests: Football, films, walking the dog, spending time with family.

General: You will find Nicky taking care of sales, admin, customer service and all manner of other things with great friendliness and efficiency at our Fosse Park shop.
She lives in Leicestershire and enjoys Football (another Leicester City supporter!), films, spending time with her gorgeous new nephew at any opportunity and walking the family dog.

Hilary Blackmore


Name: Hilary Blackmore.

Position: Administrator .

Length of service: from February 2005 .

Interests: Reading, travel, history, cookery, cycling, health & fitness, charity duties .

General: Having been with us part time since 2005, we can’t really imagine life without Hilary! She is loyal, organised, professional and extremely thoughtful, taking care of our admin as well as our customers. Now her children have grown up and gone to work and university, Hilary finally has a little more time to enjoy her own interests. A few of these are mentioned above, but luckily she can now also spare the time to occasionally accompany her husband on his business trips, enjoying the tourist sights in Europe. Hilary has even cycled across Italy (from West to East of course) for charity .

Sue Mutton

Customer Spokesperson

Name: Sue Mutton.

Position: Customer Spokesperson .

Length of service: from August 1999 .

Interests: Reading, news & current affairs, exploring Britain, exploring her gorgeous new iPad .

General: Sue became a victim of Polio as a little girl and has been completely wheelchair bound since 1993. Despite experiencing what must have been monumental difficulties throughout her life, she is without doubt the happiest, kindest, sweetest lady that any of us have ever known. Sue is also incredibly honest and rational, which is precisely why we have her as a ‘Customer Spokesperson’. This means that Sue tries out and tests any new products, advises us on services, suggests ideas and improvements, tells us what she likes and dislikes, etc etc. This enables us to always have invaluable first hand knowledge of our disabled customers’ perspectives and needs .