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Disability Living Allowance Is Changing

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is Changing

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is a benefit for people with disabilities, it is a monthly, tax-free payment that is now gradually being replaced by Personal Independence Payment (PIP). If you are claiming for people below the age of 16 or you currently receive DLA and were born before April 8th, 1948, then this will not change for you and you can continue to claim DLA.

Once your child turns 16, they will need to apply for PIP. They will be sent a letter shortly after their 16th birthday informing them how to apply for PIP. Your child’s DLA payments will be stopped unless you have applied before the date given on the letter, if they do apply by the given date then they will continue to receive DLA payments until their PIP application has been assessed.

If you would like to continue to claim Disability Living Allowance then you need to show you meet the requirements for either one or both of the following components, the ‘care component’ and the ‘mobility component’.

Care Component

The care component is for those who need help looking after themselves

You could be eligible for the Care Component if:

  • You need help with daily tasks such as eating, using the toilet, washing, dressing, or communicating your needs
  • You cannot prepare a cooked main meal for yourself
  • You need someone to look after you to avoid putting yourself or others in danger
  • You need someone to be with you while you are on dialysis

How much you are entitled to will depend on the level of assistance you need. The weekly rates for the care component are:

Lowest Rate – £23.70

Middle Rate – £60.00

Highest Rate – £89.60

Mobility Component

The Mobility component is for those who have walking difficulties and mobility issues.

You may be eligible for the mobility component if:

  • You could become very ill if you try to walk
  • You can only walk a short distance before you become uncomfortable
  • You cannot walk at all

You May also get it if:

  • You have been assessed as 100% blind and at least 80% deaf with you needing help and someone with you when your outside
  • You have behavioral problems or you are extremely mentally impaired
  • You have no feet or legs
  • You need someone to assist you when you are outside
  • You have been assessed as severely sight impaired and you were aged between 3 and 64 on April 11, 2011

How much you are entitled to will depend on the level of assistance you need. The weekly rates for the Mobility component are:

Lower Rate – £23.70

Higher Rate – £62.55


If you are born after April 8th, 1948 and are already receiving DLA you should be receiving a letter discussing when it will be changing and how you can apply for PIP. Until you receive this letter you will not have to do anything. However, once you have received this letter you will have to apply for PIP within 28 days and you will continue to receive your DLA for 28 days after a decision is made about your PIP application.


If you are eligible your PIP payments will start as soon as your Disability Living Allowance payments have ended.

Why Have My DLA Payments Stopped?

You or your child’s Disability Living Allowance payments will have stopped if you haven’t applied for PIP by the given date on the letter sent to you. If you have applied by the date given you will continue to receive DLA until your claim has been assessed. This is the same for when your child turns 16, if you have not applied for PIP by the specific date on the letter inviting you to apply then your payments will have stopped.

How Do You Qualify for PIP?

To qualify for PIP you must be aged between 16 and state pension age. PIP is not based on your disability or any medication you take, it is based on how much help you need. You will be assessed on how much support you need with certain tasks and activities, if you need help with the following you may consider applying.

  • Preparing food
  • Dressing yourself
  • Washing and bathing
  • Communicating your needs
  • Moving around
  • Following a route / planning a journey
  • Eating a meal
  • Going to the toilet


PIP is made up of two components, the daily living component and the mobility component.

The daily living components is awarded to those who need extra help with everyday tasks such as eating, dressing yourself, preparing food, or communicating with others.

The mobility component is awarded to those who have difficulties getting out and often need walking aids to help.

You cannot get PIP and Armed Forced Independent Payment at the same time.

How Are You Assessed For PIP?

An independent health care worker professional will assess you to work out the level of support and you need. 

How Much is Standard Rate PIP?

The weekly payment for the daily living – standard rate is £60.00

The weekly payment for the mobility – standard rate is £23.70

How Much is The Highest Rate Of PIP?

The weekly payment for the daily living – enhanced rate is £89.60

The weekly payment for the mobility–enhanced rate is £62.55

Can you apply for PIP online?

There is a three-step process to claim PIP

  1. Ring or write to the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions). If you can’t hear or speak while on the phone then someone who helps you can make the call on behalf of yourself, or you can apply via the Next Generation Text service which is a video relay service.
  2. Fill out the claim form they send you, this could take up to two weeks for them to send you a PIP claim form
  3. Go to the face-to-face assessment, most people have to go to one of these. However if you are terminally ill you won’t


Start your PIP claim by calling:

Telephone: 0800 917 2222

Textphone: 0800 917 7777


Or write to:

Personal Independence Payment New Claims
Post Handling Site B
WV99 1AH

When Do PIP Payments Start?

Your PIP payments will start to be paid into your bank after you receive your decision letter. PIP payments are usually every 4 weeks and will be paid directly into your bank account. Your decision letter will state the date your payments start and what day of the week you will usually be paid.

If you are part of the Motability scheme then your mobility component payments will be paid directly to Motability. Depending on how much it costs to lease your vehicle you may have to pay extra to Motability or you may get part of your mobility component and Motability will get the remaining part.

If you are claiming on behalf of your child then the money will be paid into your bank account.

How Does Motability Work With PIP?

If you have been reassessed and have been given the ‘Enhanced rate’ of the mobility component of PIP then you will be eligible to apply for or continue leasing a vehicle as part of the scheme, if this has been awarded to you then you should experience no disturbance and will be able to stay with your current car, mobility scooter, powerchair or wheelchair accessible car. If you are awarded the standard rate of the mobility component you will no longer be eligible for the Motability scheme.

Can I Get A Mobility Car on Standard Rate PIP?

No, unfortunately not, you will only be eligible for a mobility car or mobility scooter on enhanced rate PIP. Standard rate PIP cannot be used to join the Motability Scheme.

Do You Already Have a Vehicle on Motability?

The Motability scheme allows for people of qualifying mobility allowances to use their mobility allowance to lease a car, mobility scooter, powerchair or wheelchair accessible car.

If you currently have a vehicle that is part of the Motability scheme your mobility will be reassessed when you apply for PIP. If you are given the ‘enhanced rate’ then you will qualify for the Motability Scheme, if you don’t qualify for this then you will have to, unfortunately, return your vehicle.

Your vehicle must be returned within 8 weeks of your Disability Living Allowance payments being stopped. Upon the return of your vehicle you may be entitled to a one of payment from Motability, this depends on the condition of your vehicle when you return it and when you joined the Motability scheme. As soon as the car is returned you will have no further monthly payments.


If you have any further questions on this, please get in contact with us.

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