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Modern Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation equipment can help people of all ages that are experiencing problems with their mobility. This kind of equipment is an aid that a physiotherapist might recommend to assist with your recovery or to enhance your mobility. The innovation for individuals needs in today’s society has become endless meaning there is equipment to enhance the mobility and independence for all.


We are passionate about providing a better life for people with mobility impairments which is why we pride ourselves in assisting in any way possible.

Rehabilitation Powerchairs

Rear-Wheel Drive

Rear-wheel drive motorized wheelchairs offer many benefits to users. Rear-wheel drive electric wheelchairs are equipped with two large drive wheels on the back of the base, and two casters on the front of the wheelchair base. The placement of the drive wheels is the source of the electric wheelchair’s power. This extra power is ideal for more aggressive outdoor terrain. Plus, rear-wheel drive has more power to propel the wheelchair forward in softer terrain. A rear-wheel power wheelchair handles grade changes more easily to provide a smoother ride. Typically, rear-wheel drive electric wheelchairs are equipped with independent suspension or shock absorbers on all wheel to ensure a more comfortable ride experience. 

Mid-Wheel Drive

quantum edge 3 stretto

The drive wheels on the mid-wheel drive are literally in the middle of the power wheelchair. The user’s centre of gravity is almost even with the centre of the drive wheels. This design creates the tightest turning radius. Mid-wheel drive motorized wheelchairs can do a complete 360-degree turn. This manoeuvrability is extremely beneficial when using an electric wheelchair in the home, out shopping or socialising with friends and family.

Front-Wheel Drive

front wheel drive

Front-wheel drive is extremely beneficial for many reasons. One of the biggest advantages is there is more force distributed to each of the four tyres, because there are two fewer tyres in contact with the ground, unlike with over drive wheel configurations. 

The greater force increases traction, enabling the front-wheel drive electric wheelchair to perform well when driving over soft terrain, grass or uneven gravel. In addition, the drive wheels are the first to encounter an obstacle. The large tyres “grab” an obstacle like a curb or a step and go over it, pulling the rest of the chair with them.

Stockists Of Some Of The Best

Nursing Beds & Mattresses

Adjustable Bed in seating position

Adjustable beds help those with sore joints and mobility issues. Elevating at the touch of a button our beds helps reduce pain in your body and find the best position for you.

It is possible to raise the upper or lower part of the bed and even tilt or have its height adjusted providing you with maximum comfort.

Enjoy eating breakfast or watching television all from the comfort of your own bed.

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