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Our Top 10 TikTok Stars of 2021

TikTok is a video sharing app which allows user to create and share videos and has quickly become one of the biggest video platforms there is due to its ability to allow users to get creative and express themselves whether it be through dance or makeup, quirky videos or challenge videos. TikTok allows user to edit their videos including effects, filters and music.


We have gathered a list of our top 10 TikTok stars with disabilities who we think you should follow.

Hannah and Becky Cheetham aka CheethamsWithDreams

View Their Videos Here

Hannah and Becky are sisters from the UK and have 1.4 Millions follwers on TikTok. Hannah has cerebral palsy but that doesn’t stop the pair from making fun and engaging TikToks for their followers. Their content revolves around skits and what living with cerebral palsy is like. These sisters dont let anything stop them from what they want to achieve, from swimming to days out they’re always by each others side.

Hannah And Becky

Gem Hubbard aka wheelsnoheels_

View Her TikTok’s Here

Gem Hubbard is a digital creator with over 43.8k followers on Tiktok and is very passionate about helping others. Her TikTok account consists of her explain her story and what her everyday life is like living with Ableism. Gem also has a large following on YouTube where she posts videos about fashion and her reviewing products. She is also part of the Motability Scheme. 

Gem Hubbard

Lucy Edwards aka lucyedwardsblind

Watch Her Videos Here

Lucy Edwards is blind but doesn’t let this effect her life. Her TikTok videos revolve around her showing people how she does her makeup as a blind woman and ‘How Does a Blind Person…’ teaching people how she does activities such as ‘How does a blind girl apply false eyelashes’ and ‘How does a blind person curl their eyelashes’. These videos are not only fun and entertaining to watch but can also be educational for someone else who is blind and wouldn’t know how to. She is Radio 1’s first ever blind presenter

Lucy Edwards

Nikki Lilly

View Her Videos Here

Nikki Lilly was born with Arteriovenous Malformation and went on to be the 4th winner of the junior bake off series. Nikki then went on to begin TikTok in late December 2019 and now has amassed over 6 million followers on the app. She posts fashion and beauty videos on TikTok while raising awareness about her disease. Nikki’s fans love her ‘get ready with me videos’ and her makeup routines. She has also won numerous awards such as the International Emmy Kids Award for her programme called My Life: Born to Vlog and BAFTA Special Award.

Nikki Lilly

Jessica Kellgreen-Fozard aka Jessicaoutofthecloest

Watch Her Videos Here

Jessica is a deaf TikTok creator who loves to show off her vintage lifestyle. Some of her most popular videos are about sign language and uses her plat from to speak up about disability and LGBTQ+ awareness. In 2019 Jessica won Vlogger of The Year at the Blogosphere awards.

Jessica Kellgren

Shelby Lynch aka shelbykinsxo

Watch Shelby’s Videos Here

Shelby lynch has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2 which causes weakness in her muscles and also effects her breathing which is why she is on a ventilator 24/7. From a young age she has always been interested in fashion which is what most of her TikToks revolve around. She now has over 260k followers on the app

Shelby Lynch

Ashlea aka ImAshlea

View Ashlea’s Profile Here

Ashlea is a UK TikToker whos has down syndrome. Her account revolves around her posting dancing videos to current songs and trends. Her account is ran by her sister Aimee where they have now over 150k Followers


Tess Daly

View Her Profile Here

Tess daly is a UK fashion and beauty influencer. Tess was born with spinal muscular atrophy – a neuromuscular disorder that means she has never been able to walk. She rose to fame on TikTok with her makeup transformations and styling videos. Tess now has over 89k followers on her TikTok.

Tess Daly

Lucy Dawson aka ludawinthesky

View Lucy’s Profile Here

Lucy Dawson is a disabled model and brain disease survivor. Lucy was diagnosed with Encephalitis in 2017 and has wanted to raise awareness towards this disease every since. Encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain, 

Lucy Dawson

Evie Meg aka ThisTrippyHippy

View Evie’s TikTok’s Here 

Evie is arguably one of the most popular disabled TikTok stars with over 13 Million followers on the app. She posts videos outlining her life with Tourette’s and seizures, she uses her platform and large following top debunk myths about living with Tourette’s. Evie is also know to raise awareness to other disabilities such as epilepsy and even set up pages where people can donate. Most of her TikTok videos are posted with her using sign langauge 

Evie Meg

Congratulations to the ten who have made our list! Keep up the good work. Don’t forget to follow Modern Mobility On TikTok

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