Lille Suprem Fit Extra Plus Incontinence Pads

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Lille Suprem Fit Extra Plus are a disposable all-in-one incontinence pads for moderate to heavy urinary incontinence with high absorption, anti leakage protection and optimal comfort.

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The Lille Suprem Fit Extra Plus are all in one disposable incontinence pads suitable for users who suffer from heavy to severe urinary and/or faecal incontinence. The pads feature a waterproof backing for extra protection, as well as a stay dry barrier and a highly absorbent pad.

  • Absorbency: 3200ml
  • Waterproof & Breathable Textile Backing
  • Gender: Male & Female

The All in Ones are rustle-free

High Absorption Level
High Absorption Level
Lille Healthcare Suprem Fit all-in-ones feature a super absorbent pad capable of holding large quantities of liquid. Once liquid has been absorbed, unwanted odours are locked inside the pad and quickly neutralised.
Protection Against Leaks
Protection Against Leaks
All-in-ones are attached using resealable adhesive tabs for a comfortable, secure fit. Deep anti-leak cuffs help to contain bowel contents, and protect against leakage.
Kind to Skin
Kind to Skin
Lille all-in-ones are latex free, hypoallergenic, and manufactured without any additional chemicals that may be harmful to your skin.
Breathable Material
Breathable Material
Each pad is made from a soft, flexible material, designed to contour to the shape of the body for a comfortable, secure fit.


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