The Breezy Rubix is very similar to the Breezy Basix yet is much more versatile and has many more options for size and adjustment. It is also available in the extra large (XL) size to offer a higher weight capacity if needed.


  • Method Of Drive: Self-propelled or transit.
  • Maximum Capacity Per User Weight: 18 stones standard.
  • Total Weight: 15 kg standard
  • Seat Height: 42 cm through to 51 cm.
  • Seat Width: 52 cm through to 60 cm.
  • Seat Depth: 41 cm through to 49 cm.
  • Other Features: Aluminium folding frame. Adjustable angle castors. Adjustable rear wheel centre of gravity. Adjustable seat height, depth and angle. Armrests adjustable both in length and height. Adjustable back height and backrest tension. Push handles.