The highly manoeuvrable Jazzy® Select 6 from the ‘Jazzy® Power Chair’ range delivers the advantages of in-line motor technology for enhanced efficiency, torque, range, and performance. Plus, it`s loaded with performance and convenience features, like standard Active-Trac Suspension, that make it as easy to enjoy as it is to use.

Active-Trac® Suspension
Drive wheel suspension combined with six wheels on the ground and an innovative articulating beam allow for superior performance indoors and out.

Color-Through Shroud
Scuffs and scratches are less visible.

Comfort Seat
Depth adjustable, black vinyl high-back seat with removable, replaceable back and seat covers


Battery weight (each): 30 AH: 11.11 kg (24.5 lbs.) battery pack
Weight capacity: 21 Stone 6lbs (136 kg)
Maximum speed: 4 mph (6 km/h)
Ground clearance: 5.08 cm (2″)
Overall length: 89.85 cm (35.37″)
Overall width: 59.69 cm (23.5″)
Turning radius: 55.6 cm (21.87″)
Standard controls: PG GC2 controller (VR2 Control if powered elevated seat used)
Total weight (without batteries): 45.36 kg (90 lbs.)
Suspension: Active-Trac® (ATX)
Batteries: Two 12-volt, deep cycle (standard) Size: 2x 30 AH
Seating: Standard economy seat with headrest and seat belt. Synergy® seating-14” – 20”
Tyres: Castors: 15.24 cm (6”), solid rear and front Drive: 25.4 cm (10”)