The Argon2 active wheelchair offers full adjustability without compromising on any performance. The rear seat height is adjustable in 1cm steps, so the seat angle can be constantly adapted to changing needs. With the infinitely adjustable centre of gravity, you can quickly change your driving settings to a more active or a more stable performance. The backrest angle, height and upholstery tension are also adjustable, so you’ll always find a seating position that best suits you.

The Argon2 castor forks are made of Carbotecture – a special lightweight and extremely strong Carbon Fibre material, these are extremely impact resistant and break proof. They are also half the weight of aluminium forks. The outstanding design of the castor link tube (using tube hydroforming) helps to achieve complex tube geometries – for a stronger, more modern active wheelchair design.

Applying the new innovative technology means that the Argon2 active wheelchair weighs only 8kg (6kg without its quick release wheels) combined with the open frame design to ensure easy transfer of this lightweight wheelchair across the body into a vehicle.

Configure your Argon2 active wheelchair to your individual needs with a plethora of options taken from the Quickie Helium. Our most stylish options now available on the Argon2 including colour style packages on the carbotecture fork in silver, orange or black.



Seat Width: 30 – 50 cm
Seat Depth: 30 – 50 cm
Front seat height: 45 – 52 cm
Rear seat height: 34 – 52 cm
Back height: 25 – 45 cm
Backrest Angle: -31° to + 15°
Inset: 0 cm or 3 cm
Camber: 0°/ 3°/ 6°/ 9°
Max. User Weight: 125 kg / 140 kg (option)
Product Weight: From 8 kg
Frame Colours: 32 Colours