The Helium Pro active wheelchair is the fully-welded frame version of the new Helium. The fixed welded backrest and axle provides the highest rigidity and most efficient driving performance yet for a rigid wheelchair.  Starting from an impressive, lightweight  6.0 kg, the Helium Pro is uncompromised rigidity and unparalleled wheelchair performance. A true extension of you.

The combination of carbotecture® forks and new carbon fibre options, including the footplate and axle tube, means a complete Helium Pro active wheelchair weighs from just 6.0 kg, or just 3.7kg without its quick-release wheels.

The Helium Pro offers a wide choice of customisation options to suit you and your lifestyle. Choose from a range of colours for your frame and upholsteries to make your Helium active wheelchair as unique as you are. Plus, with a selection of additional lifestyle options (including single arm forks, Frog Leg suspension and sport anti-tips) your Helium is always ready for anything.


Seat Width: 32 – 46 cm (in 2cm increments)
Seat Depth: 34 – 48 cm (in 2cm increments)
Front seat height: 44 – 57 cm (in 1cm increments)
Rear seat height: 37 – 50 cm (in 1cm increments)
Back height: 25 – 45 cm (in 2.5cm increments)
Backrest Angle: -31° to +15 °(in 3.5° increments)
Camber: 0°, 3°, 6°, 9°
Max. User Weight: 100kg
Product Weight: From 6 kg (transfer weight from 3.7 kg)
Frame Colours: 32 Colours