We are proud to be an R&R stockist, a high quality made to measure range of chairs hand-made in the UK.

The R&R ‘Wall Hugger’ is designed to recline fully in areas of limited space, such as a small living room. It allows users to keep it much closer to a wall, thereby taking up as little space as possible.

The R&R ‘Tilt In Space’ has a 2-way mechanism which ensures a smooth movement when going into recline and lift. The angle of the back and seat during these movements remain constant – like a cradle, hence this chair is ideal if you have a back problem and do not wish for the position of your back to change.

All R&R chairs are made to measure for the end-user, allowing for maximum individual specifications to ensure comfort and pleasure of use. They all come with a possible range of seven different styles of backrest, which each offer their own benefits.


  • Maximum Capacity Per User Weight: Limit from 18 stone maximum up to 70 stone maximum, or anything inbetween.
  • Seat Height: Made to measure.
  • Seat Width: Made to measure.
  • Seat Depth: Made to measure.
  • Number Of Motors: Single motor or dual motor options available. Dual motor allows for individual adjustment of the backrest and the legrest, whereas single motor reclines the chair as one piece.
  • Mechanism: The R&R ‘Tilt in Space’ can come with the Trio-lift mechanism which allows users to manually adjust the angle of rising.
  • Colours: Vast range of colours available for view on fabric swatches.
  • Other Features: Available in either the T-back; Regal Button Back, which is stylish and good-looking, able to blend and match in almost any home; The Royal Waterfall Back, where large supportive wings ensure that the cushions are held in place but allowing the adjustment of each cushion to better suit the user; The Regent Flat Back which is for extra comfort and can come in pressure foam if required; The Hampton Large Wing Button Back; The Lateral Support back.