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Stairlifts in Oswaldtwistle

Which ever stairlift you need. We’re here for you

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With You Every Step of The Way

Whichever stairlift you need, Modern Mobility is here to help through it all. We have a wide range of stairlifts available which include different colours, seats and optional extras. At Modern Mobility, we know that no staircase will be the same which is why our stairlifts can be tailored to fit your stairs specifically.

Our Handicare stairlifts will be installed by our very own team of stairlift specialists, who will be by your side at all times to help and assist with any questions or worries you may have.

Stairlifts Available In Oswaldtwistle

Our stairlifts have been manufactured by one of the UK’s leading brands, Handicare, this means you will always be receiving a stairlift of the highest quality. We offer many different models of straight, curved and used stairlifts to best suit your needs and homes decor.

Straight Stairlifts in Oswaldtwistle

Depending on the stairs you have, a straight stairlift may be the best option for you. Straight Stairlifts are designed for stairs that go straight up and do not have any bends in them these stairlifts are designed to operate in one straight line. 

A straight stairlift price will depend on many factors such as the make and model you chose.

If you need any help or advice on choosing the right stairlift for you then get in touch with our team.

Straight Stairlift Models

Handicare 950 – The Handicare 950 offers a compact, cost effective way of getting up and down the stairs 

Hanidcare 950+ – The Handicare 950+ is the stylish way of overcoming the challenge of climbing the stairs. The 950+ is the powered version of the 950 for those who need a little extra help with their mobility

Handicare 1000 – The Handicare 1000 offers one of the slimmest stair tracks to provide minimal intrusion on the staircase

Handicare 1100 – This stairlift is the slimmest of the straight stairlift models and has been designed to fir narrow staircases.

Curved Stairlifts In Oswaldtwistle

Curved stairlifts are best suited for those who have a corner or an intermediate landing on their stairs. 

As no curved stairlifts will be the same, the design of the stairlift will be bespoke to your stairs. Because of this, a curved stairlift price will depend on the shape and size of your stairs, this does not mean a curved stairlift will be out of your budget. 

Curved Stailirft Models Available

Handicare 2000 – The Handicare 2000 is a twin tube construction and delivers stability and strength whilst manoeuvring around bends.

Handicare Freecurve – The Freecurve is a single rail design and is tailor made for your staircase and can be custom made to suit your individual needs.

Stairlift Options

Used Stairlifts in Oswaldtwistle

All of our used stairlifts have been reconditioned to the highest standard so you can rest assured that you will still be receiving the same high standard of stairlift. 

Purchasing a used stairlift can save you money if you are on a budget but still want the same standards as purchasing new. 

Get in touch with our team who can help you more with purchasing one of our used stairlifts.

Stairlift Rental in Oswaldtwistle

Whether your mobility has been limited due to an operation or a loved one with mobility issues is coming to visit then renting a stairlift may be a perfect option for you. 

Our team of stairlift specialists will install the stairlift for you then will safely remove it at a time that is most convenient for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Within the Handicare range there are different models that have been specifically designed to fit narrow stairs. They can fold away either manually or by the touch of a button to minimise intrusion on the staircase.

Straight stairlifts are best for you if you have a straight staircase with no corners where as a curved stairlift would be the best fit if your staircase has turns in it. One of your team members will preform a home assessment before you purchase your stairlift to ensure your choosing the right type for you.

Choosing the right model for you is made easy with Modern Mobility. While our stairlift experts are at your house undertaking their assessment they will take into consideration, your current and future needs, what option extras you may need such as a powered swivel  seat instead of a manual swivel seat, your budget and how it’ll fit into your homes decor which will help you make a choice 

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