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Want To Get Outdoors This Spring?

With great weather predicted this year its time to venture into the great outdoors again with a new mobility scooter this Spring. Here are Modern Mobility we have some great folding, lightweight and larger scooters that are idea for sightseeing, shopping or exploring nature.

As the weather warms up you may want to spend more time outdoors in the sunshine, having a mobility scooter means you can visit family and friends, take a trip to your local park or pop out to the shops.

Spring is the perfect time to get away on your mobility scooter, the temperature isn’t too hot like summer could be or too wet like winter or autumn may be. Being able to spend more time outside may be high on your list of things to do along with spending time with friends or family, having the perfect mobility scooter for you could be vital to achieving this.

As spring is the season of changes why not look at changing or upgrading your mobility scooter to one that’ll help you experience everything you want to!

Folding Mobility Scooters

Folding mobility scooters incorporate the latest technology and fold up automatically with the touch of a button, meaning there is no need for awkward disassembly for storage or transportation, just one click and you’re away!

Due to their lightweight frames and folding capabilities, these mobility scooters are the perfect choice for anyone who is looking to easily put the scooter into a car and get away for days out this spring. Their smaller frames make them the perfect partner to maneuver on footpaths in the park or whip around the shops.

If you have limited space in your house, a folding mobility scooter makes for easy and compact storage. These scooters tend to have smaller batteries, which limits the range but helps keep the overall weight light making them the ideal partner to travel with.

folding mobility

Car Boot Mobility Scooters

Much like folding mobility scooters, car boot scooters are ideal for travelling. Car boot scooters are easy to take apart into small lightweight parts to fit perfectly into the boot of your car. If you would like a scooter that is a little bit easier to manoeuvre then a car boot scooter would be perfect, their small frames and narrower turning circle make them easy to control.

All boot scooter can be broken down into four or five different components which are:

  • Seat
  • Battery
  • Front section
  • Back section
  • Basket (if you have one)

Taking apart and putting together your boot scooter can be done in next to no time and is made simple with our quick tutorials below.

Larger 6-8Mph Mobility Scooters

6-8 Mph mobility scooters are class 3 mobility scooters meaning they’re road legal and you can open up your travel options and make the most of your travel range. These scooters are ideal for someone looking for a faster way of travel while still having comfort and reliability.

If you don’t have a car and rely on your mobility scooter to travel then a larger scooter is the best option for you, the bigger frames allow for larger batteries providing a longer range with some scooters offering up to 30 miles of a single charge.

Off Road Mobility Scooters

As the ground gets dryer, venturing back into nature and exploring more off road may seem like the perfect option for you. Off road mobility scooters have been specially designed to tackle the most challenging trails, giving you the power to become unstoppable this spring. With a range of up to 30 miles you can be sure you’ll be able to go everywhere you need.

Armed with an all-wheel drive off road mobility scooters allow you to take on gravel, dirt tracks or even sand! With key features including super grip tyres, a hydraulic breaking system, shock absorbers and bright surround lighting, achieve balanced speed and the ultimate ruggedness both during the day and at night!

If you are not sure which mobility scooter is best for you, why not try out our mobility scooter calculator below. Alternatively, get in touch with us today to book in your free home or instore demo.

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