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Moving & Handling

Moving and handling rehabilitation products range from hoists and slings to grab rails and bath lifts. The whole purpose of these products is to assist transferring and moving an individual who has reduced mobility with ease. Without these products, carers, nurses or even family/friends who aid in assisting would likely struggle and then potentially result in causing an injury

woman using samsoft 175 electric hoist

Those who suffer with lack of mobility can find it difficult to move freely. The use of hoists & slings is an important part of delivering a safe health and social care to patients. They aid carers and nurses in reducing the risks of accidents and injuries when transporting a patient from one area to another.

When being lifted by another person it can be uncomfortable and intrusive, which is not the best feeling. A hoist or sling can be the answer to making life a little easier. Using the correctly measured sling can ensure moving from one place to another is not only easier but safer and less intrusive.

 It is vital that a full assessment is carried out to ensure the product supplied is correct, if incorrect it is possible it could be unsafe and impact the users comfort when using the product. Our sales specialists are available to assess for all rehabilitation products – Call today to book your free assessment- home or instore!

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