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Rehabilitation Aids

We offer a wide range of rehabilitation aids from short-term to long-term solutions to better your quality of life. Our experts are highly qualified to help you find the perfect solution. We offer a free home assessment to get a better understanding of how we can improve your quality of life.

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Modern Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation equipment can help people of all ages that are experiencing problems with their mobility. This kind of equipment is an aid that a physiotherapist might recommend to assist with your recovery or to enhance your mobility. The innovation for individuals needs in today’s society has become endless, meaning there is equipment to enhance mobility and independence for all.

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We are passionate about providing a better life for people with mobility impairments which is why we pride ourselves in assisting in any way possible.

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Scooters and powered wheelchairs are a popular choice because of their versatility: you can use some in the home, and even some on the road. Most powered wheelchairs and scooters cost less to lease per week than your mobility allowance. So the rest of your allowance is paid directly to you.

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On all our used powerchairs we provide free delivery.

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On all our used powerchairs we provide free delivery.

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All used powerchairs we give FREE warranty for your first 3 months.


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Looking for mobility or rehabilitation aids can be a daunting and scary experience, not knowing what is the best for your circumstances. We understand everyone has different needs – Let our experts help you find the best solution, our knowledge is second to none.

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