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Prescriptive Powerchairs

Powerchairs are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Choosing the right powerchair is a big decision and one that someone who will be spending a lot of time in the chair should not regret. For many people, powerchairs how the key to their independence and being able to get around their house or outdoors again. 

Here at Modern Mobility, we have a wide range of powerchairs to suite everyone’s needs including paediatric powerchairs that are narrower to fit in smaller spaces. When choosing the correct powerchair for you, you may want to consider the optional extras such as which cushion and back would be best for you, any electronics you could benefit from or any accessories.

If you can’t get to us, no problem! We can come to you. Book in in your free no obligation home assessment with one of our powerchair specialists today!

Standard Prescriptive Powerchairs

For many people a powerchair is vital for getting about. Our extensive range of standard powerchairs include foldable powerchairs that can fit into the boot of a car easily to take outdoors with you. 

Here at Modern Mobility, we offer free home assessments to make sure you are comfortable with the product in your own home, feel free to pop down and see us at a store local to you.

Complex Prescriptive Powerchairs

If you require a powerchair but maybe require a few additional adjustments then a complex powerchair may be the perfect option for you.

A complex powerchair is the perfect solution if you are able to shift and reposition yourself unaided. Complex powerchairs have the capability of being modified and upgraded to best suit your individual needs. These upgrades may include specialist joystick controls, custom cushions such as back and seat rest, width, depth, height, seat angles.

Paediatric Prescriptive Powerchairs

If your child has mobility issues and requires help getting around then a paediatric powerchair might be the perfect solution. Powerchairs are the perfect option for both indoor and outdoor use and as they’re designed for a child they can fit in smaller more child like spaces.

Paediatric powerchairs are specifically designed to keep up with the pace of children. These chairs are smaller and narrower making them more comfortable and easier to operate for children, providing your child with independence and the ability to go where ever they want.


Rear-Wheel Drive

Rear-wheel drive motorized wheelchairs offer many benefits to users. Rear-wheel drive electric wheelchairs are equipped with two large drive wheels on the back of the base, and two casters on the front of the wheelchair base. The placement of the drive wheels is the source of the electric wheelchair’s power. This extra power is ideal for more aggressive outdoor terrain. Plus, rear-wheel drive has more power to propel the wheelchair forward in softer terrain. A rear-wheel power wheelchair handles grade changes more easily to provide a smoother ride. Typically, rear-wheel drive electric wheelchairs are equipped with independent suspension or shock absorbers on all wheel to ensure a more comfortable ride experience. 

Mid-Wheel Drive

quantum edge 3 stretto

The drive wheels on the mid-wheel drive are literally in the middle of the power wheelchair. The user’s centre of gravity is almost even with the centre of the drive wheels. This design creates the tightest turning radius. Mid-wheel drive motorized wheelchairs can do a complete 360-degree turn. This manoeuvrability is extremely beneficial when using an electric wheelchair in the home, out shopping or socialising with friends and family.

Front-Wheel Drive

front wheel drive

Front-wheel drive is extremely beneficial for many reasons. One of the biggest advantages is there is more force distributed to each of the four tyres, because there are two fewer tyres in contact with the ground, unlike with over drive wheel configurations. 

The greater force increases traction, enabling the front-wheel drive electric wheelchair to perform well when driving over soft terrain, grass or uneven gravel. In addition, the drive wheels are the first to encounter an obstacle. The large tyres “grab” an obstacle like a curb or a step and go over it, pulling the rest of the chair with them.

orange Q700 M Sedeo Ergo Recline position side
Quickie Q700 UP M Sedeo Ergo standing position
Blue Quickie Q700 F Sedeo pro side recline position
Quickie Q400 M Sedeo Lite side image

Powerchairs have massively improved the independence of many individuals. The innovative technology is endless, there are no limits to ways they can help. Modern technology like the i-Drive control allows you to control your chair with the slightest of movements from not only hand control but chin, mouth etc.

There are many adaptations that can be made to a prescriptive chair to make it unique and ideal for the user.

Cushions & Backs

For somebody who may be sitting in their powerchair for a long period of time, cushions and backs can make a huge difference to their comfort. Specialist cushions can be bought with different contours and molds to provide maximum comfort to the user. Within the there are cushions that have been designed to protect your skin, whereas others have been designed to help with positioning. You can opt for a cushion that aids with both skin protection and positioning if that suits you best. 

Cushions can be bought in various sizes and can come with an easy removable protective cover to make washing them easier.

Back supports can provide the customer with an array of back support, width, depth and profile options which provides the user with a more comfortable experience.

prescriptive cushion for powerchair
prescriptive backs for powerchair
powerchair prescriptive cushion
powerchair cushion

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