scooter1Modern Mobility and Fosse Park’s own private ‘shopmobility’ scheme has been funded and operated by us since April 2003.

It’s a huge success story which is very special to us all. We now have an astonishing membership of well over 3500 individuals – and still rising!

This ground breaking concept, founded and developed uniquely between Modern Mobility and Fosse Park, may well have set a precedent for other shopping centres nationally to follow.

Our lovely members often tell us how much they appreciate our scheme, a great many of them even say they have now come to depend on it for enjoying their shopping experience throughout the park.

It’s free to join and is available six days a week to all elderly and disabled shoppers visiting Fosse Park. scooter2 They can hire a manual wheelchair – either self propelling or to be pushed by a companion, a nippy electric scooter for getting up and down the aisles of all the great Fosse Park stores, or even just a small walking aid for those who don’t have too much difficulty.

There is no charge for membership. Proof of identity and address are required, then you are entered into our records and we issue you with your membership card to produce whenever you visit.

There is free disabled parking right outside our doors and there are no time restrictions within Modern Mobility’s opening hours, which are Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm.

We are now celebrating a fabulous 22 years of taking care of all your mobility needs, so you can rest assured we’re here to stay. We look forward to welcoming you to the family.