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Handicare 4000
Curved Stairlift

This versatile curved stairlift system is tailored to your needs and your staircase. All of our curved stairlifts are bespoke and made to measure.

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Curved Stairlift

Safe, Reliable & Easy to Use

Custom-made to fit perfectly in your home for a neat finish, thanks to our advanced digital staircase measurement system. Easy to use and keep clean, as well as to maintain and service. Smooth ride, strength and stability thanks to state of-the-art twin-rail design technology.

Perfect for compact stairs and hallways, and even spiral staircases.

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Style Seat

Curved Stairlift Style Seat for Handicare 4000

Smart Seat

Curved Stairlift Smart Seat for Handicare 4000

Smart Perch Seat

Curved Stairlift Smart Perch Seat for Handicare 4000

Simplicity Seat*

Curved Stairlift Simplicity Seat for Handicare 4000

Extra Features

All of our stairlifts have optional extras to make your life even more easier. We have powered options, so if you struggle to turn your hips or bend down, we have powered options to do it for you.

There are 2 options you can get manual & powered hinges.

manual hinge means you will need to raise and lower the end of the track manually.

With a powered hinge at a flick of a switch, the hinge will lift/lower automatically

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The powered swivel chair will automatically swivel your seat round so that you exit onto the landing safely without having to lift a finger.

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Turning your footplate into a powered one will maximize free space, you can automatically fold up the footplate this could be perfect if you struggle to bend down.

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The full power setup includes both the power foot plate and power swivel seat you all the same benefits but more value for your money when bought together.

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*These optional extras can only be added at purchase after that the extras can’t be added on. Please ask our stairlift experts for more advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the most common questions we get asked. Also, feel free to check out our dedicated stairlifts blog.

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking just contact us.

A curved stairlift is typically used for stairs that have a bend, a corner or a intermediate landing. A curved stairlift can be tailored to specifically fit your stairs. If you are still unsure of what stairlift is best for you, get in touch with one of our stairlift specialists today who will be happy to assist with any questions or worries you may have.

One of our stairlift professionals will come to your house and preform a assessment before you make any final choices. They will help you base your choice on your budget, your current and future needs, how the stairlift will fit into your homes style and how comfortable the seat is for you.

Whether you need a manual or swivel seat is down to your needs and your mobility. A manual swivel seat is best for people who have a little bit of mobility and are able to manually turn the seat. Whereas a powered swivel seat is ideal for people who need a little more help getting in and out of the seat.

The Handicare range of curved stairlifts are deigned to be slim and unobtrusive in your home. When our professional comes to your home to preform their assessment this is something they will take into consideration.

For Your Peace of Mind

Extended Warranty

Manufacturers Warranty

  • 12 months cover
  • Automatically applied
  • Parts*
  • Labour
  • Call out+
  • Can be upgraded

Extended Warranty

  • 1 year extended cover
  • One scheduled annual service
  • Priority attention
  • Parts*
  • Labour
  • Call out+

Extended Warranty Plus

  • 2 year extended cover
  • Two scheduled annual service
  • Priority attention
  • Parts*
  • Labour
  • Call out+
*Parts including carriage batteries
+Call outs due to misuse, accidental damage or other circumstances beyond our control will be charged subject to terms and conditions.

Complete Protection

Protect your Riser Chair, Stairlift, Bath Lift or Adjustable Bed for mechanical and electrical breakdown and we’ll also include accidental damage from day one.

Stairlift Insurance provided by Mark Bates Insurance

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