The Best Portable Mobility Scooters For Travelling

The Best Portable Mobility Scooters For Travelling

Lightweight mobility scooters give independence back to those who have limited movement and may have trouble walking but still would like to travel, visit family and friends freely. These scooters tend to be extremely lightweight to help with picking up and placing in the boot of a car.

Some larger scooters may not be able to fit into a car as easily as a folding or boot scooter would be, so if you prefer to jump in your car and take it with you one of these scooters would be more ideal for you. If you are travelling a lot, or need to store your scooter compactly, then a portable scooter may just be what you need!

How do you choose the scooter which suits you best?

With all the different variations of models, brands, styles and colours, choosing your lightweight mobility scooter can be made simple with this quick guide.

Don’t worry our mobility specialists are here to help. When deciding what scooter is best for you, you should take into account factors such as height, weight and how far you would like to travel on your scooter. When our team perform their initial assessment this is something they will take into account to make sure the scooter suits your needs.

To help with the choice, here are a few of the lightest portable scooters that we would recommend.

Pride Apex Lite

The Pride Apex Lite is a modern, lightweight 4mph mobility scooter that includes a comfortable folding seat and chunky front and rear wheels that help to give a smoother, more enjoyable journey. It has clear and easy to use controls and a high level charging point on the tiller to make the scooter easy to manage. To ensure there is added comfort, the armrests are easily adjustable and flip out of the way to make access to the scooter simpler. For transportation it can easily be taken apart into 5 sections to go in the back of a car and is just as easy to put back together at your destination. This incredible 4mph scooter is complimented by stylish 8” alloy wheels and an LED control system with handle bar grips to help with control. In addition to the front basket, there is also an extra backrest storage area to help keep your personal items close at hand. The Apex Lite is the perfect travel partner, helping you get where you need to go.


Pride Apex Alumalite

One of the lightest aluminum travel scooter on the market! Experience the convenience of a lightweight, compact travel scooter with airline-safe batteries. Easy to put into the boot, with its heaviest piece weighing only 11.2 kg. The Apex Alumalite, with its aluminum frame, weighs only 28.8 kg making it our lightest four-wheeled scooter yet!


Kymco K-Lite FE

The K-Lite FE is an auto folding mobility scooter that has a multitude of special features has been developed to provide the most innovative solutions to improve not only your mobility, but also your ability to take your scooter with you, wherever you wish to go. When folded, this little scooter can be stored in any handy locations, making travel more convenient & trouble-free.

K-Lite folding scooters are made from special lightweight aluminium with a 1.64 kg ultra-lightweight lithium battery pack. You can carry your battery pack indoors to charge it conveniently. We have also incorporated a simple, quick release & removable seat, to enable you to create an even lighter package to lift. For convenience an “ under-your-seat” storage bag has been added, allowing you to keep your valuables conveniently close to hand.


Autofold Elite

The AutoFold Elite was one of the first mobility scooters to be to be equipped with shock-absorbing front and back suspension. This unique design is a lighter and automatically folding mobility scooter. The Drive AutoFold Elite Mobility Scooter in blue is a stylishly designed scooter with silver wheel hubs and a fresh metallic finish.

With an automatic folding system, which uses either remote control or the buttons on the dashboard, you can easily fold and unfold this scooter within 15 seconds. It is easy to carry, store, or travel with because of its compact size.


Drive Scout

The Scout 4 4mph mobility scooter has been designed by Drive. It is compact, lightweight and really easy to control and disassemble making it simple to take on your journeys. This incredible 4 wheeled scooter has been designed with extra safety in mind, for example it features a anti-rollback system and electromagnetic brakes. For extra comfort and ease of control this scooter has an adjustable delta tiller, a swivel padded seat and adjustable flip up armrests to make sure you can easily get on and off the mobility scooter. This scooter also has easy to change body panels if you decide you want to change the colour.


Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller Sport

The Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller Sport mobility scooter is a unique 4mph scooter that can be used indoors or outdoors. It features a longer platform and wider tyres with extra traction as well as a host of other great features. The easy disassembly design means that this scooter breaks down into lightweight, simply managed parts that can be transported in the boot of a car for your days out. This luxurious scooter can travel up to 13 miles whilst carrying 23 stone in weight. To help with charging there is a convenient high level charger port located in the tiller. The floor plan of the Go-Go Sport has been extended by 2” to give greater leg room and more comfort whilst driving this scooter. With a small turning radius of 128cm, you can manoeuvre and easily negotiate busy public spaces. Not to forget the removable front basket with handle, integrated LED highlight to keep you safe and seen, and 2 colour shroud options for a little bit of variety.


Kymco K-Lite Comfort

The Kymco K-Lite Comfort lightweight mobility scooter is amazingly manoeuvrable and easy to load into the boot. It’s a pure delight to get you out and about. Following on from the extremely successful Kymco Mini LS, every aspect of the K-Lite Comfort has been thought through to make this scooter easy to use and transport. The mobility scooters patented docking system can be operated by one hand is extremely easy to use when taking apart. Once taken apart he heaviest part weighs 14kgs. The Kymco K-Lite Comfort has black non-scruff tyres that are puncture proof. Complimented by the alloy look wheels the K-Lite will certainly look the part. You can easily adjust the angle of the tiller by turning the large soft grip rubber knob. The seat swivels, has folding armrests and is height adjustable. The ignition and horn switch are waterproofed against the elements for safety reasons. The battery display is back lit as an added bonus feature to the scooter. This stylish scooter is available in 4 unique colour’s and includes a useful storage basket on the front.


Choosing Your Portable Scooter

Here at Modern Mobility, we know that finding your perfect mobility scooter may be tricky which is why were here to help. Book in your free home or in-store assessment with your local Modern Mobility today! 

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