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10 Living Aids To Help With Everyday Life

10 Living Aids To Assist With Everyday Living

Living aids are designed to help and assist with everyday living. whether you need help in the kitchen, living room, bathroom or even the garden we have something to suit everyone’s needs. Kitchen aids are useful for helping people who struggle with mobility issues with the aim of assisting with activities such as cooking and cleaning. Whereas health and wellbeing aids make living easier and more enjoyable.

Here are just 10 of our products that can help with everyday living.

1. Pill Sorters

If you or a loved one has a lot of medication to remember to take, then a pill sorter might be just what you need. These aids give you a great place to organise your medication so you know you’ll be taking the right tablets at the right time. They are also ideal for people who are prone to forgetting to take their medication.

Pill sorters can come in various sizes. With the bubble lock design you can easily open your pill storer with the push of your thumb, yet when it’s closed your pills are securely locked away. Within our range of pill organisers we have 7 days am/pm which allows individuals on a twice a day regiment to easily access their pills with the touch of a finger.

7 Day AM/PM Push to Open
7 Day Ultra Bubble-Lok

2. Jar and Bottle Opener

This living aid is ideal if you have a weakened grip or limited dexterity.

A jar and bottle opener is a handy tool that helps you to quickly open tough lids on many different sized bottles and jars. This aid has a comfortable grip and rubber trim to firmly grip onto the lid you are wanting to remove. With its compact size you can easily store it in your cutlery drawer.

Universal Jar and Bottle Opener

3. Preparation Board

The Food Preparation Board is a kitchen aid for those with limited hand use. If you need more stability while cooking then a preparation board could be the perfect solution for you. These aids can help food such as vegetables or bread stay in place while you are chopping them for maximum safety.

A preparation board is held in place by its curved lip resting against the work surface and with integrated non-slip feet

Preparation Board

4. Seat Belt Reacher

When sat in the car, it can be difficult to reach the seatbelt. A seatbelt reacher is a convenient handle for pulling your seat belt. This could be an ideal product for those with arthritis, shoulder pain or limited mobility who may be struggling to reach around and grab their belt. No tools are required to attach this to your belt, simply clip it on. The easy to grip handle reduces strain when twisting or reaching around for the seatbelt

Seat Belt Reacher

5. Uccello Kettle

A Uccello kettle is a piece of modern technology that makes handling boiling water safe and effortless. Unlike other standard kettle or kettle tippers, the circular shape of the Uccello kettle, combined with its rotating cradle moves around the body of water to assist the flow of the pour, so you no longer have to lift strain, balance or aim. While most kettles require that you have to lift and hold open while refilling, the Uccello requires the lightest of touches to open or close.

With so many incredible features this kettle offers peace of mind. It includes a wide opening for easy filling, quiet boiling and auto shut-off protection from overheating, Uccello brings the next level of safety and its sleek modern design will suit all kitchens.

Uccello Kettle

6. Pedal Exerciser

The pedal exerciser has been designed for low-impact rehabilitation and exercise. One of its features is a digital display showing duration of exercise, calories consumed and cycles and revolutions per minute. It also features adjustable levels of resistance that you can increase or decrease to adjust the effort required to use the exerciser. 4 anti-slip rubber pads on the feet prevent slipping and protects surfaces. The pedals come complete with toe straps.

This exerciser simply folds away for easy storage and transportation.

Pedal Exerciser with Digital Display
Pedal Exerciser with Digital Display

7. Walker Trolleys

A walker trolley could be the perfect addition if you struggle with upper-body mobility or carrying things. These trolleys are the ideal aid for transferring meals and other items around your home. They can be height adjustable to suit yourself and have clip-on and off trays for easy cleaning.

Our range of trolleys come with lockable breaks for easy stopping and provide additional safety when rising from a seated position

Days Walker Trolley

8. Blue Badge Permit Cover

Display your blue badge with confidence and style! Blue badge covers ensure that holograms on permits are never covered, protecting them from damage and complying with the department of transport guidelines ensuring it is displayed legally and protected from damage.

Blue badge holders come with a free timer clock which is made with superior plastic cogs and can be dialed without removal. Within our range, there are many different patterns available to suit everyone’s style.

Blue Badge Permit Cover- Steller Strip
Blue Badge Permit Cover- Steller Strip

9. Magnifier On A Stand

A magnifier on a stand is the perfect addition to your bedside table. The magnifier comes with a weighted stand base and clamping device to attach to a table or desk surface for hands-free use.

Its extendable arm allows the magnifier to be positioned at different heights and angles, helping you to read more clearly.

If you prefer to read on the go then a magnifying bookmark may suit you better. This magnifier easily fits into your pocket or bag and is ideal for reading timetables, maps and newspapers. Protected by a soft plastic sleeve so it won’t rip.

Magnifier on Stand
Magnifying Bookmark

10. Handy Bar

The handy bar is a great aid to help with your independence and mobility. It offers security and confidence to get in and out of your vehicle safely. The soft non-slip handle provides comfort and the super-strong forged steel shaft creates a safe solid support handle where it is needed.

This aid also doubles as a seatbelt cutter or a glass breaker in the event of an emergency and will fit into the majority of vehicles with the U-shaped striker.

Handy Bar
Handy Bar

These are just a few living aids which can improve everyday living. View our full range of living aids here

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