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6 Ways An Adjustable Bed Can Help You Sleep

6 Ways An Adjustable Bed Can Help You Sleep Better

If you suffer from back pains or sore joints and struggle to sleep due to this, then an adjustable bed may be the solution. Our beds can elevate and lower at the touch of a button providing you with the position to reduce pain within your body. In later life, muscles and joints can stiffen and often it is a struggle to get out of bed in the mornings, with an adjustable bed bringing you to a seated position this helps the process of getting out of bed.

The most common position being the ‘S’ shape which contours to the natural shape of your spine which helps reduce pressure points leading to a better night’s sleep.

1. Improve Your Sleep And Ease Insomnia

Adjustable beds can alter to a position that you feel 100% comfortable in, enabling you to fall asleep faster without having to change your sleeping position many times during the night. This will also allow you to stay asleep for longer and wake up feeling refreshed.

2. Reduces Snoring

For many people, snoring can ruin nighttime relaxation. Snoring generally is caused by your tongue and soft tissues narrowing your airways which is most common when you are lying flat. By elevating your head this allows for the air to flow more freely reducing snoring. Also, by sleeping comfortably on your side, less pressure is put on your lung airways, further preventing the likelihood of snoring

3. Relieves Aches And Pains

An adjustable bed can be a huge benefit to chronic pain sufferers in helping to reduce pain. You can easily distribute weight more evenly when you find the perfect posture aiding to reduce the pressure on your back.

Elevating your feet can reduce lower back strain as it allows the lumbar area to relax and fully decompress. The position of the bed can be changed with the simple touch of a button, which allows you to relax in your chosen position

Adjustable Bed

4. Take Back Your Independence

If you have mobility issues you may feel like you have lost your independence. Our range of adjustable beds assist you when getting in and out of bed, you can simply adjust your position which helps you get in and out of better than a standard bed.

Some adjustable beds have a split down the middle to assist if you sleep with a partner. These features give you the freedom to sit up while your partner lies flat.

5. Helps Settle Your Acid Reflux

The symptoms of acid reflux often make it hard to sleep. By elevating your upper body by 6 inches you can help to reduce the symptoms of acid reflux, by doing this you are allowing gravity to stop the contents of your stomach leaking onto your oesophagus, causing heartburn.

Unlike propping up pillows which can move during the night, an adjustable bed will stay in the same position throughout the night

6. Improve Blood Circulation

If you regularly have swollen feet or legs then an adjustable bed could be the perfect solution to helping you sleep better. Adjusting your position so your legs are slightly raised can reduce the swelling and help with your circulation. An adjustable bed will keep your feet and ankles raised no matter what position you sleep in.

Wentworth Adjustable Bed

What Is The Average Price Of An Adjustable Bed?

Due to the various frames/ bases/ colours and optional extras available, the price of an adjustable bed can change depending on what you choose. Our range starts from £749. If you would like to know more about the prices of our adjustable beds get in touch with one of our team members here

What Styles Of Adjustable Beds Are Available?

Not only does an adjustable bed offer a comfortable sleeping position, but there are also many different styles of adjustable beds which you can choose from. It is important to remember that an adjustable bed doesn’t have to look mechanical and can blend into your homes décor seamlessly.

Is There A Weight Limit For Adjustable Beds?

While some of the adjustable beds in our range support up to 18 stone there are others with no official weight limit, however do come with weight guidelines as they may not be able to preform well with the added weight

Choosing An Adjustable Mattress

Not all mattresses are equal and some won’t work with adjustable beds. For example, a standard spring mattress will not work and could cause damage to yourself or the bed. The best type of mattress for an adjustable bed is one that bends easily and is a perfect fit with the frame. You can view our range of mattresses here:

Do you feel like you could benefit from a better nights sleep with an adjustable bed? View our range here or get in touch with your local Modern Mobility

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