Bedroom Accessories to Help With Your Comfort

You want your bedroom to be the cosiest and comfiest room in your house for the best nights sleep possible. The use of different bedroom accessories could play a pivotal part in helping you to wind down at the end of the day and sleep better. Here are just a few of the products that could assist you:


Adjustable Beds


If you have sore or achy joints then a adjustable bed may be the solution you need to help with getting a good nights sleep. An adjustable bed can elevate or recline at the touch of a button to help you find the best position to relieve tension.

If you regularly have swollen feet or legs then an adjustable bed could be the perfect solution to helping you sleep better. Adjusting your position so your legs are slightly raised can reduce the swelling and help with your circulation. An adjustable bed will keep your feet and ankles raised no matter what position you sleep in.

Read more on how an adjustable bed can help you here.


Back Rests

Birling Bed Back Rest

A back rest is ideal for those who would like an extra bit of comfort in their bed and is the ideal solution for those who can’t lay flat in their bed. You can easily adjust the angle which provides the user with the best position and support needed and can be folded flat if needed for additional storage space.

Many of these back rests have an easy clean fabric and is complete with an additional head cushion for extra support.


Leg Raisers

A foam leg raiser has been ergonomically-designed to help support swollen legs and stimulate the circulation of blood around your body and can aid in relieving pressure, pain and discomfort, which will help with your comfort when lying down. 

This aid is ideal for use in a bed or on any flat surface for the best support. Many foam leg raisers will also come with a removable cover so the aid can be easily cleaned.


Canterbury Multi Table With Castors

Over Bed & Lap Tables

Over bed and lap tables are portable trays that allow the user to sit up and use it without having to get out of bed. These sturdy trays are perfect for everyday activities such as eating, drinking, drawing or writing. 

An over bed and lap table are perfect for both use in private home and professional care institutions and are height adjustable and can be changed to a height that is best suitable for the user.

These tables can be purchased with wheels for easy transportation or without wheels for a more sturdier base 



Walden with High-Low

The right mattress can help you a great deal when it come to comfort. If you are bed bound, suffer with limited mobility or are trying to avoid strain then having the correct mattress could benefit you hugely when it come to your comfort and support.

To help with pain and support it contours to your body to help reduce pressure points on your spine and to assist in reducing any aches or pains. It features breathable air vents to keep you cool and dry. For added comfort, it can include an adaptive sleep technology.



Harley Wave Pillow

You can purchase specially designed pillows to aid with comfort and getting a better nights sleep. A pillow can be made of memory foam which sculpts to the shape of your sleeping position giving you a tailored sleeping experience or filled with fibre making them soft and plump.

These sleeping aids come in a variety pf shapes and sizes providing support where you most need it from shoulder and neck support to spine support 


Bed and Chair Pads

Lille Classic Bed Super 60cm x 60cm

Bed and chair pads are designed to protect furniture from accidental leaks. These aids can be disposable and thrown away after one use or can be washable and reused multiple times.

Many pads have been adapted to be discreet and have non slip backing or fabric wings that tuck under the mattress to secure the pad in place leaving you worry free about it moving 

If you would like any further help on deciding which product or range will be best suited for you get in touch with our friendly staff at a Modern Mobility near you or visit us instore where you can try the products before you buy.

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