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How To Disassemble Your Mobility Scooter

How To Disassemble A Mobility Scooter

All boot scooters can be broken down into different components for easy transport and storage. In general mobility scooters dismantle into four or five parts which are 

  • Seat
  • Battery
  • Basket
  • Front Section
  • Back Section

Boot Scooter Benefits

One of the main benefits of a travel scooter is being able to transport it easier then a standard scooter, they dismantle into small and light parts making them the perfect travel companion. Their small frames also allow for greater control and easier manoeuvrability

Taking apart your boot scooter can be done in next to no time and is made simple with our quick tutorial below. The information below is based on a Kymco Mini Comfort.


Remember to turn your scooter off and remove the keys before you start to disassemble your boot scooter.


Fold the back of the seat downwards. You should be able to easily push the back of the seat forwards so its on top of the seat. This will make it easier to remove later.

Disassemble Step 1


Gently lift the lever below the seat and pull the seat upwards to remove it. Once the lever has been lifted the seat should come out of the pole effortlessly.  You can release the lever after you have removed this part.

Disassemble Step 2


Remove the battery. The easiest way to do this is to push down on the seat pole while you lift the battery out. The battery can be the heaviest part of the scooter so will require a bit of strength to get the battery out.

Disassemble Step 3


Slide the basket off the front of the scooter, this should just pull upwards and come straight off. To lower the handle bars, twist the knob to loosen them. Once they’re down, tighten the knob to ensure they stay in place.

Disassemble Step 4


Hold the lever on the handle to detach the back section from the front section. Simply detach the guides from the bar and the two main parts will disconnect from each other.

Disassemble Step 5

Your boot scooter has now been taken apart and is ready to fit into a car, van or truck for easy transport. Now the boot scooter has been separated the parts should be light enough to lift into the boot of your car.


View our range of boot scooters here. If you would like any further information, then get in touch with us at a mobility shop near you now.

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