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Why Choose a self propelled wheelchair?

Is A Self Propelled Wheelchair the Right Choice for You?

Choosing the right wheelchair for you may be a little daunting from the wide range of choice No need to fret, we are here to help!

If you suffer from a disability but are still able to use the upper part of your body, then a self-propelled wheelchair could be the ideal choice for you. A self-propelled wheelchair is perfect to help you regain your freedom of movement and independence, without having to rely on friends or family.

As many people spend hours sitting in these wheelchairs, it is important that you are comfortable and can rely on the chair you choose.

How To Use A Self Propelled Wheelchair

A self-propelled wheelchair is operated by the individual seated in it. The sizable rear wheels feature push-up rims, enabling the user to both steer and move the chair. 

Additionally, many of these wheelchairs are equipped with handles at the back, providing the option for assistance in pushing when required

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Why Choose A Self Propelled Wheelchair?

There are many benefits to choosing a self-propelled wheelchair:

·       Independence – With a self-propelled wheelchair, unlike other wheelchairs, you’re not dependent on family or friends to move around.

·       Fitness – Being in a wheelchair might make you feel limited in terms of fitness activities. Nevertheless, utilizing a self-propelled wheelchair can contribute to enhancing your overall fitness and strength.
Moreover, engaging in various sports like wheelchair basketball or tennis is possible, enabling you to continue enjoying activities you love.

·       Portable – Many of the wheels have quick-release buttons, making it easier to put in the car and take it with you. Most self-propelled wheelchairs fold upwards by pulling the seat up, making them perfect companions for car travel.

·       Movement – With practice, it is possible to learn to balance certain wheelchairs on just the two rear wheels. This allows the chair to negotiate curbs, high thresholds, and grassed areas that would otherwise cause a barrier and prevent the chair from proceeding further without help. However, this may take practice to safely perform, so make sure to consult a healthcare professional before attempting.

·       Versatility These wheelchairs are the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor travel, providing users with the flexibility and freedom to go where they want, when they want.

What Is the Lightest Self Propelled Wheelchair?

Our lightest wheelchair in our range is the Scooterpac Feather Propel Wheelchair, weighing a mere 7.2kg for the self-propelled wheelchair. The ultra-lightweight design and quick-release back wheels lower the risk of back injury by reducing the physical effort required to lift it, making transportation of the Feather Propel a breeze.

Unlike other wheelchairs, the feather Propel includes elevating leg rests for superior comfort and support. As well as sporting two separate brakes:

Passenger Wheel Locks – Prevent the wheelchair from rolling forward or backwards. Secure the movement of Propel by using the brakes at the front of the frame, located on both wheels.

Braking System Handles – Located under the push handles. Engaging the locking brakes ensures complete control if being used by an attendant or carer. When descending or pausing on a slope they prevent the wheelchair from rolling forwards or backwards.


There are many accessories you can purchase for a self-propelled wheelchair, for example:

·       Storage bags – Great for storing everyday items such as purses or shopping, and specialized bags for medical necessities like oxygen tank holders

·       Wheelchair MAC – The Wheelchair Mac gives you complete coverage from head to toe while using your wheelchair. The elastic hem fits snugly over the footplates, and slots at the rear allow the pushing handles to remain in use if required.

·       Holders – A range of holders from walking sticks to cup holders are available.[SP2] 

·       Wheelchair Cushions – Wheelchair cushions are available in a range of materials and sizes, designed to enhance comfort, particularly during extended periods of wheelchair use.

Other Options

What Is the Transit Wheelchair?

Transit wheelchairs, or transport chairs, have smaller wheels and lighter frames, making them lightweight and easy for a transit attendant to push. They are designed for transporting mobility-impaired passengers with the help of an attendant.

They are used daily by various health services such as care homes, hospitals, and ambulance units.

You may even see them being used by airport staff within airports themselves to push passengers through terminals; who need assistance in order to navigate their way to an airplane or other public places.

What is the Difference between a Transit Wheelchair and Self-propelled Wheelchair?

It is worth noting that transit wheelchairs are a lot different from the standard self-propelled wheelchairs that you may see in use practically anywhere.

Transit Wheelchairs are designed to move people short distances and shouldn’t be used for prolonged trips as this could cause pressure sores.

If you have any further questions about self-propelled wheelchairs or if you would like to enquire about any of our products, please get in touch with one of our team members today.

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