JAY Balance Cushion

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Wheelchair & Powerchair Cushion

Combining the high skin protection qualities of the JAY J2 wheelchair cushion with the stability and positioning capability of the J3, the JAY Balance wheelchair cushion adds exceptional comfort to ensure that there are no compromises.

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The perfect balance between skin protection and stability

Combining the high skin protection qualities of the JAY J2 wheelchair cushion with the stability and positioning capability of the J3, the JAY Balance wheelchair cushion adds exceptional comfort to ensure that there are no compromises.


  • Reduced seat height (via Seat rail relief cut)
  • Pelvic obliquity pads
  • Improved well design
  • New fluid pad options
  • Soft foam top layer
  • Positioning options
  • Innovative dual cover system
  • Easy to order

Optimal well design
The size and shape of the JAY Balance’s well or Pelvic Loading Area (PLA) is based on anthropometric measurements of average pelvic bone width to ensure maximum stability. The rear and steeper front well walls have been designed to prevent fluid migration and keep the fluid where it is needed. The new pelvic obliquity pads (optional) also add the possibility to accommodate a pelvic obliquity.
Jay Balance Wheelchair Powerchair - Optimal well design

Jay Balance Wheelchair Powerchair - Innovative, dual cover system
Innovative, dual cover system
The inner cover is made of two way stretch dartex fabric, is water resistant and easy to clean. The Aquaguard zipper and anti-wicking thread ensure that the base stays clean and dry. There are three cover options; microclimatic, stretch, and incontinence. Each cover allows positioning inserts to be added without increasing surface tension. All outer covers are machine washable at 60°C and quick to dry.

Multi-density contoured foam base
The JAY Balance has a comfortably supportive foundation due to a layer of firm contoured closed-cell moulded foam covered in a soft open-cell upper layer. The base is available in a low profile standard 75mm height or a 100mm height, for deeper immersion and greater pelvic suspension. Both sizes feature a pelvic loading area (PLA) design based on anthropometric data for a stable, accurate fit. This PLA has rear shaping to prevent fluid migration and a soft foam top layer at the front for ischial tuberosity immersion and comfort, even in when there may be some posterior pelvic tilt. PLA obliquity inserts of 1 or 2 cm are available for managing oblique pelvic postures, in addition to stability from inner JAY Balance cover lateral pelvic positioners.
Jay Balance Wheelchair Powerchair - Multi-density contoured foam base

Jay Balance Wheelchair Powerchair - Field-adjustable positioning components
Field-adjustable positioning components
With the optional positioning components the pelvis and thighs can be properly positioned for many clinical applications. The JAY Balance wheelchair cushion encourages orthopaedic alignment, increases sitting tolerance and accommodates changing user needs.
Width 340 – 600mm
Height 85mm
Depth 340 – 600mm
Maximum User Weight 150kg (34 – 50cm widths)
225kg (56 – 60cm widths) (23.6 stone / 35.5 stone)

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.

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