Arden Bariatric Specialist Seating

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The Arden Bariatric comes with unique four motor technology which enables the user to combine Independent Tilt in Space (TIS) movement with Independent Backrest Recline, Independent Leg Rest and Rise movements for maximum pressure and posture management options.

Requires Assessment
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Specialist Seating

Arden Bariatric Riser and Recliner

The Bariatric Riser and Recliner offers luxurious comfort with maximum adaptability and with a low-profile seating option incorporating an extendable leg rest, 50 stone overall and 25 stone leg rest capacity, together with a choice of interchangeable pressure management seat cushions – these are just some of the reasons why it’s proving so popular.

A Step In The Right Direction


The Arden Bariatric has been designed to address the needs of plus sized clients with its four-motor mechanism aimed at maximising pressure control through independent Tilt in Space, Backrest Recline, Leg Rest Elevation and Rise movements, giving the client and carer many more positional options.

It has many unique features that complement this sophisticated mechanism and can be used in both home or healthcare environments with a full range of health and home fabrics available.

It comes with the following key features as standard. There is the option to purchase additional features and these are detailed in the Optional Accessories Section.

For an overview of Bariatric seating assessment see our downloadable PDF in the Brochure Section. Here you will also be able to download a copy of our in-depth Clinical Posture Guide.

Bariatric Rise Recliner

Seat Cushions

The Arden Bariatric comes as standard with a fixed seat option or you may choose to have our removable and interchangeable seat cushions.

You can choose from one of four seat cushion options each with different pressure management features. On the standard option the seat cushion will be fixed and on the removable one you have the option to interchange your seat cushions with others you might purchase from the range.

All covers on the removable cushions can be taken off for cleaning or replacement.

With all these seat cushions we recommend a fabric with four way stretch properties to aid reduction of shear and friction.

Optional Accessories

Headrests Cushions

There is a choice of 4 detachable headrests all attached with a velcro tab

Head Roll

The head roll is useful to reduce depth for anyone with reduced neck extension or needing to keep their head in a neutral position for tasks such as eating or drinking whilst maximising comfort and reducing effort.

Small Head Pillow

The small head pillow provides additional comfort for those who may require a softer surface to rest on whilst stopping hyper-extension at the neck when reclined or tilted.

Small Profile Headrest

Similar to the large profile headrest but support is focused more on the head and neck.

Midline Headrest

The midline headrest provides postural support for those with some form of midline deficit, following a stroke resulting in proprioceptive deficit or unilateral neglect for example. It is also useful for those with reduced lateral muscle strength or tolerance (such as sternocleinomastoid).

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