Quickie QS5 X Wheelchair

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PIONEERING wheelchairs didn’t always exist… QUICKIE created them. The innovative QUICKIE QS5 X allows you to experience FreeFold, and save over 40% energy with every fold!

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Introducing the QUICKIE QS5 X, the folding wheelchair that redefines easy folding.

An innovative cross-brace design that reduces folding forces and saves you over 40% energy with every fold! The QS5 X makes light work of lifting too, with an (optional) folding fixation that keeps your wheelchair tightly-locked to prevent any unintentional opening during transport.

Weighing from just 7.3 kg (without wheels), it’s the lightest aluminum box frame wheelchair too. Made from heat-treated 7000 series Aluminium, lock-out the frame and its oval-tubed 4-arm cross brace provides the ride performance to rival any rigid wheelchair. Saving not just energy, but your shoulders too.

Fixed-Front or Swing-Away?

The QS5 X is available with two different frame versions – Fixed-Front and Swing-Away.

The Fixed-Front version has footrests that are permanently attached to the chair frame, providing additional stability and support. This feature can be particularly beneficial for people with higher positioning demands, as it helps to keep the legs in an ideal position.

The Swing-Away version has footrests that can be swung away to the side, which enables a safe and comfortable transfer into the chair, especially from a standing position. By removing the footrest, it´s possible to position the wheelchair closer to the object you want to transfer on, furthermore the pack-size of the wheelchair will be minimised.

Quickie QS5X Wheelchair frame options

Dimensions Width: SW + 180/240/270 mm / Length: 1113 mm / Height: 1020 mm
Seat width 340 – 520 mm (in 20 mm increments)
Seat depth 340 – 500 mm (in 20 mm increments)
Seat height Front: 430 – 550 mm
Rear: 370 – 500 mm
Backrest height 250 – 500 mm
Frame angle Swing Away: 70° / 80° / 90°
Fixed-Front: 75° / 85°
Camber 0°/2°/4°
Maximum User Weight 22st / 140 kg
Total Weight Swing Away from 10.1kg
Fixed Front from: 8.3kg
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