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Uniscan is one of the leading manufactures and innovators of walking aids they aim to improve your quality of life by providing the means to maintain a full and independent life in the community.

Uniscan Rollator in black being used as a seat while the gentleman enjoys a rest in the park

Walking Frame Specialists


With over 40 years of experience Uniscan has earned the reputation of "The Walking Frame Specialist" with a small range of 3-leg and 4-leg lightweight walking frames that have been designed with the user in mind. All of the walking aids have a seat that is built in for you to rest on and they also fold so you can easily transport them by car, public transport, or even airplane.

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Looking for mobility or rehabilitation aids can be daunting and a scary  experience, not knowing what is the best for you circumstances as we understand everyone has different needs. Let our experts help find the best solution for you, our knowledge of  is second to none.

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