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How to choose the right wheelchair for you

How To Choose The Right Walking Aid For You

How do you pick the right walking aid for you? Anyone who has balance problems or if you need to rest while walking regularly then a rollator would be the perfect option for you. Unlike Tri-walkers, rollators have 4 wheels for that extra bit of support and a seat to sit down and relax on.


Rollators are designed to help those who struggle to walk unaided. They have four wheels for extra balance and support and adjustable handles for your support

Where Will You Be Using Your Rollator?

If you are going to be using your rollator inside mostly then choosing a rollator with smaller wheels would be the best option. If you are wanting to use your rollator more outside then larger wheels would suit you more. Larger wheels such as 8” wheels are designed for rough terrain better than smaller wheels. It would also be a good idea to measure the doorways in your home to make sure your rollator will be able to fit through it comfortably.

Should You Choose A Folding Rollator?

How often will you be traveling in the car and taking your rollator with you? A folding rollator is a great help if you want to take it in the car with you or don’t have much storage space at home. Our range of rollators have been designed to go where ever you go.

The Fit Of The Rollator

Finding a rollator that is the right height is important for not only your comfort but for your health as well. Before you purchase a rollator it is a good idea to measure the height of the handles. To do this you should:

  • Stand up straight with your arms naturally positioned by your side with your elbows at a 15 degrees angle.
  • For accuracy have a second person measure from the floor to the inner crease of your wrist.
  • You should check the maximum weight capacity of the seat and measure the height and width for maximum comfort.
  • Your hands must also be in a comfortable position to hold onto the grips and easily engage with the breaks.
  • If you are unsure on how to do this yourself or would prefer it if a professional did it, get in touch with your local Modern Mobility where one of our experts can point you in the right direction.
Duo Deluxe Rollator and Transit Chair
Deluxe Rollator


Tri-walkers are made from a lightweight frame and have only three wheels. Unlike a rollator, a tri-walker does not have a seat so wouldn’t be the ideal option if you like to take breaks while walking. Tri-walkers are also narrower than a rollator making them easier to maneouver. These are great aids if you feel a little uneasy on your feet and need a little extra help getting around and are perfect to help you regain your independence.

Why A Tri-Walker?

One greatest advantage is its manoeuvrability, if you need a walking aid that is much easier to turn and move then a tri walker would be best. With a tri-walker only having three wheels this makes it much easier to turn around and get about.

With less weight in the frame a tri-walker is easier to pick up and transport, if you have limited upper body strength but still want to get around quicker than a three-wheel tri-walker is certainly for you.

The Fit Of A Walker

Much like a rollator the best way to determine if the fir is right for you is to measure the height of the handles and adjust accordingly.

Days Lightweight Tri Walker


Walking frames are designed to aid with independence and freedom. Waling frames are a great help both indoors and outdoors.

With Wheels vs. Without Wheels.

Some walking frames have two wheels at the front instead of rubber Ferrules. You move this by only lifting the back two legs instead of it all, this means that they are much easier to use than a walking frame with no wheels.

Generally, walking frames with no wheels have 4 rubber ferrules at the end of the legs making them grip to the ground easier and have a wider base making them more stable. If you would like to use a walking frame without wheels outside, it is best suited to flat surfaces.

Folding Walking Frames

A folding walking frame can be folded at the click of a button, this makes it easier to transport or store within your home. You can get a folding walking frame in both wheeled and non wheeled versions.

For indoor use of all models it is best to measure your door frames to ensure they’re wide enough for your walking frame to fit through, there are ultra slim alternatives which make it easier to fit through smaller gaps.

What Is The Correct Height Of A Walking Frame?

To find the correct height of a walking frame when standing and holding onto the grips, your elbows should be slightly bent. When standing with your arms by your side the handgrips should be just above your wrist. Once you have found the correct height for the user, there should be no reason to adjust or alter the height.

Folding Walking Frame
Ultra Narrow Lightweight Walking Frame No Wheels


Indoor trolleys are the perfect ais to help you carry items around your house. They have 4 wheels making them effortless to push and the brakes are great for your peace of mind.

Many of the trays that come with trolleys are easily removable to be cleaned or replaced with a new one

Outdoor trolleys usually have larger wheels and better storage to protect your items from the weather. These trolleys are useful for when carrying shopping becomes a strain and you need extra assistance in getting your products home.

Liberator Shop-A-Seat
Days Walker Trolley


Walking sticks and canes have ferrules at the bottom to avoid slipping and are great aids to those who have mobility or balance issues. However if you need extra support and stability then a rollator or tri-walker could be best for you.

Folding Walking Sticks

Within our range we have many different folding walking sticks. If you are looking for a walking aid to help you get around while being easy to carry with you while it’s not in use, a folding walking stick could be just what you’re looking for. When you are not using a foldable walking stick you can safely store it in your bag or a cupboard.

Tribase and Quad Walking Sticks

Tribase walking sticks have a specially designed three pronged base that provided the user with additional support and stability, whereas quad walking sticks have four individual feet at the base of the stick making the walking stick feel sturdier to walk on for the user.


A Flipstick is a walking aid and a comfortable seat all in one. A spring loaded button securely locks the seat into place in either the seat or handle position. A flipstick can be lightweight and easy to carry but can support up to 130kg

How Do I Know The Size Walking Stick I Need?

To measure the correct size walking stick firstly stand in a natural position with your arms by your side. Ask a friend or family member to position the stick next to you with the ferrule on the floor, the handle of the stick should rest at your wrist bone. Once adjusted so that the stick is in the correct position you should check it at a comfortable height for the user, your arm should be slightly bent and your shoulders should be level when holding onto the handle of the sick.

Ziggy Quad Offset Black Cane
Ziggy Tribase Folding Stick - Black

If you have any questions about this or would like to find your perfect walking aid get in touch with one of our team members at a Modern Mobility near you today.

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