Weighted Blanket Classic

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This Weighted Blanket allows the user to place the blanket over themselves and feel their body being cocooned by the beads for a deep pressure calming effect.

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The weight from this Weighted Blanket is provided by plastic beads sewn into small individual cells within the durable polycotton inner lining for additional strength and comfort. This design allows the user to place the blanket over themselves and feel their body being cocooned by the beads for a deep pressure calming effect.

The Weighted Blanket Classic can be used on a bed (on top of existing bedding) or is perfect for draping across the shoulders or wrapping around the body. It is recommended that the weighted blanket should not exceed 10% of the user’s bodyweight.


  • Lifetime guarantee on workmanship
  • CE marked
  • Registered as a class 1 medical device with the MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency)
  • Machine washable at temperatures up to 60°C. They cannot be spun, tumble dried or ironed.

Please note that the Galaxy Material pattern and colour may vary slightly from the model pictures shown. Please see material sample image.

  • Without weight and feedback, those who are sensory seeking find it difficult to relax. The weighted blanket distributes weight upon the user to promote a calming effect
  • Weighted Blankets are typically used to reduce the symptoms of conditions such as Autism and Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD). They are now widely used for other reasons such as reducing stress and anxiety, PTSD and even panic attacks
  • Encourage relaxation and better sleep
  • Provides a safe and effective therapeutic solution
  • Relieve anxiety and stress
  • Helps with the symptoms of restless leg syndrome
  • Prevents melt-downs and repetitive behaviours
  • Eases transitions
  • The weight in the blankets applies deep pressure to the touch receptors in the muscles, joints and ligaments imparting a soothing and calming effect
  • Made from 4 layers of superior quality polycotton for safety, durability and comfort and security
  • Weight provided by purest quality plastic beads (CE and BS5852 rated)
  • Fully washable and available in a range of colours
Width 106 cm
Length 138 cm


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