Quickie Nitrum Wheelchair

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Precision-engineered to turn your energy into motion, so you can go further, faster and for longer.

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The Nitrum lightweight wheelchair is one of the lightest on the market at just 4.9kg lifting weight. Combines weight rigidity, custom fit, and fine-tuning to offer the most energy-efficient chair QUICKIE has ever produced. The Nitrum lightweight wheelchair is for users who value pushing efficiency and lightweight design. A revolutionary chair that minimises propulsion effort whilst maximising movement.

The original QUICKIE is an icon that’s influenced wheelchair design for over 40 years. What made it so special? A revolutionary design principle that minimised propulsion effort whilst maximising movement – or what we like to call Energy into Motion.

The NITRUM lightweight wheelchair was born to redefine that principle. To find a perfect harmony of weight, rigidity, fit and fine-tuning. Because when those come together, that’s when you truly achieve energy into motion. So we refined every detail for weight-saving rigidity. Creating aerospace-inspired oval tubing that’s lighter, stiffer and stronger like no other. And we did it whilst increasing adjustability and sizing. The result? A wheelchair that harmonises your geometry with its own. Positioning you for maximum energy transfer, so you get direct reactions with minimal effort. A seriously-addictive ride, the NITRUM lets you to go further, faster and longer without the worry of fatigue. Easy to fine-tune and even easier to lift, it’s a wheelchair that’s shaped around you – and your everyday life. Let’s take you through our new spin on Energy into Motion.

Lightest in it’s class, strongest in it’s division
This is innovative engineering at its best. We employ state-of-the-art materials and principles to minimise weight (from 7.5 kg) and maximise frame rigidity, so you can go further, faster and for longer without the worry of fatigue.
Quickie Nitrum  Folding Wheelchair
Quickie Nitrum  Folding Wheelchair
Lifting performance
How easy your wheelchair is to lift comes down to technique and weight. From 4.9kg without its quick release wheels, the NITRUM is designed with lifting in mind – so we’ve included a few ergonomic features to lend a hand.
A perfect fit for everybody
Body positioning is crucial for propulsion efficiency. When your weight is balanced incorrectly, your wheelchair is more difficult to push. The NITRUM boasts the most comprehensive range of sizes in its class, so you can achieve your own perfect fit.
Quickie Nitrum  Folding Wheelchair
Quickie Nitrum  Folding Wheelchair
Fine tuned performance
Adjustability usually meant compromising rigidity or weight. However, the NITRUM maximises its adjustments, strength and stiffness without welding, so you can keep your ride fine-tuned for the very-best performance.
Inspirational performance
You. That’s what NITRUM is all about. We work with wheelchair users from all over the world to provide you with the features and lifestyle options that you desire.
Quickie Nitrum  Folding Wheelchair
Seat Width 320-500 mm
Seat Depth 340-500 mm
Seat depth 340 – 570 mm
Seat height Front: 430-570 mm
Rear: 370-500 mm
Backrest height 250-450 mm
Back recline -17.5° – 10°
Maximum User Weight 19.6st / 125kg
Total Weight 7.5kg
Transport weight from: 4.9kg

Crash Tested – This product has been successfully crash tested and fulfils the performance requirements for ISO 7176-19

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