Zippie Q300 M Mini Kids Powerchair

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Whether it’s smoothly navigating around the home or exploring outdoors, the Zippie Q300 M Mini as a compact power chair for kids has just as much energy for adventure as your child!

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Zippie Q300 M Mini Kids

Building on the impressive manoeuvrability and proven ride performance of its predecessor, the Salsa M2 Mini, the original ultra-compact powerchair is back – and it‘s packed-full of more ‘big powerchair’ performance than ever before!


Meet the Zippie Q300 M Mini Kids

Powered by super strong 4-pole motors, and a impressive range of up to 36 km exploring has never been easier! 70mm kerbs? A breeze with the optional 14″ drive wheels!  Packed with plenty of powered and styling options, this is a powerchair that’ll align to your child’s personality!

Kids Seating System

Seating that grows with your child

Growing up doesn’t mean out-growing their powerchair. We’ve designed the Q300 M Mini Kids seat so you never have to fear those growth spurts. Adjustable by width (280-400 mm) and depth (260-400 mm), there’s no longer a big adjustment to moving to a new powerchair as your child gets older – just lots of small ones!

Adjustable between 160 mm above the seat pan to 480 mm below, these footplates provide the support growing teenagers need. Infinitely adjustable along its rotational arc, multiple angles and placement options for positioning the feet, ankles, and knees can be achieved.

This (optional) joystick mount has 3 locking positions. It can be mounted mid-line for teenagers who have limited hand mobility and can also swing inwards/outwards to help getting closer to tables.

This headrest mount is compatible with SEDEO and WHITMYER headrests, which help to addresss a range of needs from basic support to multiple-point control.


BIG chair performance

(minus the big!)

Narrow and nimble in a busy playground, and packing plenty of outdoor features, the Q300 M Mini Kids is streets ahead of the competition.

Traditionally when a powerchair comes to a halt on a slope, the stopping motion will jolt you forwards. That’s a problem we’ve eliminated with Anti-Pitch technology - so your child is kept safe and stable in their seat.

Their PATENTED all-wheel independent suspension ensures all six wheels remain on the ground whilst climbing and transitioning obstacles. Any shocks or bumps are absorbed by the wheel‘s suspension, providing a soft and smooth ride.

No drop-kerb in sight? Thankfully the Q300 M Mini Kids with its 300 mm (12“) drive wheels can handle kerbs of up to 50 mm so there‘s no need to take the long way round. Got to handle something a bit trickier? Upgrade to 355 mm (14“) drive wheels and tackle kerbs of up to 70 mm.

Our 40+ years of experience has developed longer-lasting, highly efficient motors with the performance, drivability and range that others just can't match. Request a demonstration and see what we mean.

Powered by punchy 56 Ah batteries, the Q300 M Mini Kids takes your child anywhere they want to go with an impressive range of up to 36 km.

Powered Options

Elevate and drive with C-Me

Say goodbye to waiting around or driving at reduced speed when elevated. With C-Me (optional), your child can raise up to 300 mm and drive up to 4.5 kph all at the same time! Unlike other powerchairs, our suspension doesn’t lock-out either, so they get the same smooth ride even when elevated. Plus, with our patented assignable buttons they can keep up (and be at eye-level) with you all with a touch of a single button.

By raising and lowering your legs, these legrests help to reduce swelling and improve circulation. By adjusting in length, your seated position is kept constant, preventing unwanted pelvic movement. The centre-mount version (pictured) also provides greater space at the front of your chair for manoeuvring and transfers.

Similar to how a seat would recline in a car, the powered recline back helps to redistribute your weight across more of the backrest whilst maintaining a constant seat angle.

Adjust your seated position throughout the day with 30° of powered tilt. Helping with pressure relief by redistributing your weight from the cushion to the backrest, maintain a comfortable seated position with reduced muscular effort.

Complete Protection

Support your independence with complete confidence that you can stay mobile with our Powerchair Insurance and protect against mechanical & electrical breakdown.

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