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Strider ST1

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The Drive Strider ST1 is a small 4mph mobility scooter with a
lightweight design. Its ultra compact design means it is perfect for nipping to
the shop or putting in the boot of a car to take on your journeys. Despite the
scooter being the smallest in the range it is still as strong and stable as any
other. For storage reasons this scooter features off board charging so you can
leave the scooter in your car or storage area, remove the batteries and take
them to the charger so you don’t need to move the whole scooter to charge it
up. As standard the delta tiller is adjustable allowing you to adjust to your
preferred position so you can easily control the scooter. With its puncture
proof tyres you can travel up to 6 miles on a full charge. The Strider ST1 can
carry up to 18st in weight and includes an anti-roll back system for your

Colours Available:

* Ruby Red

* Sapphire Blue


Max Speed: 4mph

Range: 6miles

Height adjustable

Weight: 40kg/ 88lb

Battery size: 12ah

Weight capacity: 115kg/ 18st

Length: 100cm/ 39”

Height: 89cm/ 35”

Width: 51cm/ 20”



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