Your Guide To Incontinence Products

Your Guide To Incontinence Products

What Is Incontinence?

If you have never needed to look for incontinence products before, the unfamiliar terminology and all the different variants of products can seem a little overwhelming. It may seem like trial and error until you find the perfect fit
for you.

Incontinence products are designed to absorb wetness and protect the skin. As well as this, they are there to help you relax at work, while you’re out or while you sleep without worrying about leaking onto furniture, bed sheets or clothing.

We hope that this article will make it just that little bit easier for you to decide what product suits you best.

Types of Incontinence Products

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The most popular incontinence products are absorbent pads that are worn inside underwear to soak up urine. If you have mild to moderate incontinence you can buy thin, discreet pads so nobody has to know.

iD Expert Light Maxi Incontinence Pads


Pads are a popular choice for people living with light incontinence issues; made from an absorbent material which means they soak up leaks that may occur. They tend to have an adhesive strip to hold the pad securely in your underwear. Pads can be used for both men and women. They come in a variety of sizes, from liners and thinner discreet pads to thicker, larger pads and tend to be a more cost-effective option.


Pads are not suitable for heavy bowel incontinence. They are also single-use and disposable meaning new packs will have to be bought frequently depending on how often they are needed.

Attends Pull-Ons Incontinence Pants

Pull Ons

The disposable pants can easily be pulled up and down and they are designed to manage moderate to heavy incontinence. Pull-up pants use the same technology as babies' nappies and have a "hydrophobic" layer that draws urine away from the surface of the product, so your skin stays dry.


Pull Ons are a disposable incontinence solution designed to be discreet pants that feel like underwear. The highly absorbent core protects against leakage and odour leaving you feeling fully protected and secure. Their elasticated waistband allows for a snug fit around your body and are available in many different waist sizes and absorbency levels to best suit your body and your needs.

You are protected from both urinary and bowel incontinence with a pull on, meaning no matter how active your lifestyle is you can continue as normal. Suitable for men and women. As they can be used in place of your underwear, pull ons are perfect for night-time as they won’t move around and stay in place.


Due to the fact that a pull on has to be pulled up and down, they may not be suitable for someone who has limited mobility. They also tend to be more expensive than a pad, and still need to be replaced as required.


Also known as guards are for incontinence control "catch" the leaks and pull moisture away from your skin. That allows you to go longer between changes. The protective shields are anatomically shaped shields designed for men with very light urinary incontinence.

Attends for Men Shield Level 1&2 Incontinence


These are shield-shaped inserts designed for men who have light to moderate bladder leakage. Designed for the male anatomy, the insert is thin and discreet. Shields are anatomically shaped for a comfortable fit and improved leakage protection. Many shields have fixation tape which allows the shields to be worn with close-fitting underwear to help reduce the risk of leakage.


Shields are not designed for heavy incontinence. So if you have heavy incontinence, a shield may not be the best option for you. As shields have been designed for the male anatomy, they are not suitable for females.

Lille Suprem Fit Maxi All in Ones


All-in-one slips are designed for women with moderate to heavy urinary and/or faecal incontinence. Adult nappies, or incontinence pants, have tabs/tapes at the waist that allow wearers to adjust them for a secure fit.


Slips are all in one products similar to pull ons, but instead of being elasticated, they have adjustable tabs that fasten and come apart. This enables you to feel confident, secure and protected in just 4 adjustable tabs. These incontinence products are for both men and women with little or no bladder/bowel control. Similar to Pull ons, slips are great for night-time bedwetting and incontinence. These all in ones have been designed to accommodate to heavy urinary and faecal incontinence. Additionally, they are available in different sizes to fit snuggly on your body, reducing the risk of leaks.


If you have quite an active lifestyle, all in ones may not be convenient or practical for you as they need to be adjusted by the tabs. If you have light incontinence then pads may be the better option for you.

Attends Product Range

Stretch Pants

Stretch pants are washable snug fitting pants which help to protect against leaks or accidents by keeping a pad firmly in place. The provide a comfortable fit without looking bulky under your clothing. Some stretch pants come with a built-in pad; others need to be used with a disposable pad.

Attends Stretch Pants Incontinence


Stretch pants are elasticated fixation pants with short legs. The highly elastic material provides comfort and close fit to secure your pad in place. The short leg improves comfort and a better fit and leakage protection. This product is washable and reusable, so you don’t have to throw them away after one use or wash and work great for both men and women.


If you have heavier incontinence then stretch pants may not be the right solution. This is because they only allow you to keep a light or moderate incontinence pad in place. If you have heavier urinary incontinence or bowel incontinence, then an all in one slip or pull ons may suit you best.

Attends Faecal Pad Incontinence Packaging

Faecal Pad

All-in-one slips are designed for women with moderate to heavy urinary and/or faecal incontinence. Adult nappies, or incontinence pants, have tabs/tapes at the waist that allow wearers to adjust them for a secure fit.


A faecal pad is an economically shaped body pad designed for bowel incontinence only. These pads tend to have an anatomically shaped core for a closer more comfortable fit.


One of these pads is intended to be used for only faecal incontinence, which means if you suffer from both urinary and faecal incontinence this product wouldn’t work for you. The pad must be changed immediately once soiled for good hygiene, so may need to be bought often dependent on how often you would use it.

Bed/Chair Pads

Our wide range of disposable bed/ chair pads is designed with all levels of incontinence in mind, from light to heavy. And with a selection of the biggest brands - including TENA, Attends, and Lille - we make sure that you have the best choice of incontinence bed pads available.

Washable Chair Pads


Bed and chair pads are affordable ways of keeping your mattress clean from accidental spillages or leaks. Washable bed pads can come in a range of sizes to suit all bed sizes, so you will be sure to find a cover that works for you. They can either be washable or disposable meaning you have the option to reuse them, or throw them away after they have been used.


Some bed pads are plastic lined and may be uncomfortable to sleep the night on. The plastic may feel odd or make a noise if you shuffle or move throughout the night. Some sheets may not provide enough protection for those with heavier incontinence. If you have heavier incontinence, it is best to use pull ons, slip all in ones or pads combined with a bed pad for maximum protection.

Slipper Bed Pan with Lid

Bed Pans & Portable Urinals

Designed and created to help people with limited mobility, who are bed-bound, or people that are unable to easily travel to the bathroom. A bedpan is used in a lying or sitting position and suitable for both bowel and bladder movements, urinals can only be used whilst standing or sitting to pass urine.


If you find yourself fighting with the urge to use the toilet a lot, but don’t feel confident you will make it every time, a bed pad or a portable urinal might just be the perfect solution. These aids are a great option for people with incontinence issues, especially for travelling long distances and are conveniently designed to fit the shape of the user making it more secure. Bedpans are ideal for users who may be confined to their bed and are easy to clean and reuse.


These incontinence products have to be stored and cleaned properly. Even though they are genuinely secure, some leaks may occur, so storing them properly can prevent them from accidentally being knocked or spilled.

How Often Should You Change Your Incontinence Product?

Some incontinence products have wetness indicators that show when the product needs changing. When this shows up on the product, this means it’s full and requires changing. Products such as all in one slip and pull ons will have this feature. However, other products such a pad may not be as easy to monitor when it needs changing. It is recommended that you change the product every 3-4 hours, or 4-6 times a day. When your product is damp it should be changed to avoid skin irritation.

If you are prone to bowel movements, your product should be changed as soon as it has happened. During the night it may be a good idea to wear a higher level of absorbency to avoid sleep disturbance.

Light, Moderate Or Heavy Incontinence?

We hope that this guide has provided you with additional information to help you decide what product is best for you.

You can order incontinence products here from the comfort of your own home and get them delivered directly to your house. Or if you would like any further information, feel free to visit us instore and talk to an expert

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