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A mobility scooter is a fantastic way of gaining freedom for somebody with mobility issues.

A Mobility Scooter is an expensive item and careful consideration should be taken when deciding which is the best mobility scooter for you. [read more] 


How far will the mobility scooter travel? Will you be able to get back home after a long journey.


Do you need it in the car? You will need a folding mobility scooter or car boot scooter if this is the case

Battery life

Will the battery life last the journey? It could be worth getting a Lithium scooter 


How much are you willing to spend. In the long run a more expensive scooter might be the best choice.


Are you in a hurry to reach your destination. A road scooter that travels 8mph could be for you


Check the information on the type of seat. Your comfort should be at the front of your mind.

Furthermore, Modern Mobility are proud to have a wide selection of mobility scooters to assist with this. Some of the UK mobility scooters we have to choose from include folding mobility scooters and car boot scooters. We also stock some of the best UK mobility scooter brands such as Kymco mobility scooters.

Once you have purchased your new mobility scooter it would be wise to take a look at the mobility scooter accessories on offer. In the UK we tend to have a lot of rainfall. Therefore a mobility scooter cover could be a wise choice.

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